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Post  Ream on Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:00 am

Player Information

Character Name: Reampriest
Server: Barthilas
Current Guild: Work and Income
Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/reampriest/simple
Talent Spec: Holy (6/32/3) http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bchZfurrRorkczoh:oVa0ozzMV

Explanation of your spec, glyphs, gems, reforging and enchants:

My talent spec differs slightly from the cookie-cutter spec:
  • Taken out the 2 points in State of Mind (increases Chakra duration when you cast the corresponding spell) because activating Chakra is off the GCD and has the same duration as its cooldown.
  • 3 points in Darkness from the Shadow tree (+3% spell haste)
  • I have two points that I am able to move around, 1 from Desperate Prayer and 1 from Test of Faith. 1 point could be moved into Veiled Shadows (30 second shorter cooldown on Shadowfiend – I am yet to encounter a boss that lasts long enough for me to use my Shadowfiend twice) and 1 point could be moved into Spirit of Redemption (15 seconds of free healing upon death – I haven’t died enough for this to become viable).

The glyphs I have chosen are:
  • Prime – Prayer of Healing (adds a HoT effect), Renew (10% more healing), Guardian Spirit (30 second shorter cooldown). Glyph of Guardian Spirit can be changed for Glyph of Lightwell (5 extra uses), which I think would be more useful in a 25-man raid situation.
  • Major – Circle of Healing (1 extra target healed), Dispel (heals 3% of max life when dispelling), Mass Dispel (1 second less cast time). Glyph of Mass Dispel would be changed for Glyph of Spirit of Redemption (extra 6 seconds of free healing) if I were to talent into it.
  • Minor – Shadowfiend (5% mana received if it dies), Levitate (no reagent needed), Fortitude (50% reduced mana cost). Glyph of Fortitude is useful if someone dies mid-fight and is battle res’d.

I am aiming to get to 12.5% Haste for an extra renew tick. However, in a raid group I would attain this from buffs (i.e. Shadowform, Wrath of Air Totem). I have gemmed & enchanted towards 3 stats: Intellect because provides both an increased mana pool and spell power, Spirit for mana regen and Mastery for a larger free HoT from my healing spells (Echo of Light). Crit on gear has been reforged to Mastery. I have not reforged any Haste on my gear because I believe it is always a useful stat for a healer.

What makes you an exceptional player?

I have been a priest healer almost since I started playing. I am alert in raids and am good at adapting to any situation, staying calm when most players are stressed. I do a lot of reading up on encounters and fight mechanics, and learn them quickly when put into practice. I work well in a team and am always striving to be a better player.

Link to current UI screenshot: https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/i/wowscrnshot010611012129.jpg/

I feel that a small amount of explanation is needed for my UI. I heal using Grid (unit frames seen in the centre) and Clique. Every healing spell that I have is mapped to combinations of shift, ctrl, alt and left and right click (e.g. Flash Heal = shift + right click, Binding Heal = shift + alt + left click). I have 12 bindings for this and I use all of them. This is why there aren’t many healing spells on my bars apart from the ones that I need to see the cooldowns of (PoM, CoH, etc). For dispelling and curing diseases I use Decursive, which is a simple left or right click on a coloured box to the left of my unit frames.

Since I took the screenshot I’ve cleaned a few things up:
  • Taken away the blizzard boss frame on the right hand side under the map
  • Moved DBM timers so that the “big” bars flow across the screen to better alert me of what’s coming up
  • Hidden my side bars (hearthstone, mounts, professions etc) & bags so that they only appear upon mouseover

Player History

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? Approximately 2 years. I’ve been playing almost daily ever since I started.
What is your raid experience? I started raiding in ToC/ICC content. After joining & running many PUGs, I decided to lead my own raid team. This was a 10-man team mainly comprised of RL friends. We managed 7/12 HMs pre 4.0. As raid leader I got to know quite a lot about not only my own class and playstyle, but also that of others.
Why did you leave your last guild or why are you leaving your current guild? A lot of the players in my current guild had stopped playing at the end of WotLK after 4.0 came out. As others have started moving to other guilds, I’m looking to do the same as I am keen to progress in Cataclysm.
What other raiding guilds have you been a part of? None, I have generally been the excellent PUG raid member when I have not been raiding with friends.

Personal Facts

Age: 23
Real name: David
Location: Auckland, New Zealand (GMT+12)
Regular play time: Evenings after 5.30pm (3.30pm ST) weekdays most nights, usually online on weekends also.
Can you make all the raid times? (Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm AEST) Able to make all raid times apart from Wednesdays.

Joining Proxy

Why do you want to join Proxy? Proxy is the number 1 raiding guild on Barthilas-Horde, and I’ve always been eager to join a top progression raid team.
How did you hear about us? It’s almost impossible not to know about Proxy if you play on Barthilas.
Are you friends with anyone in Proxy? No
Can this person vouch for you? N/A
Why should we accept you into Proxy? Although I may not have playing as long as others, I feel that I have enough knowledge and experience to raid at top level. I’ve raided in all roles (tank, melee & ranged dps, heals) and always endeavored to do my best.
We all share the goal of completing all end game content, and I believe that I can aid Proxy in making that happen.

Technical Requirements

Do you have Ventrilo? Yes
Do you have a mic and can talk if needed? Yes
List computer specs: 4GB RAM, AMD Phenom II 3.2 GHz quad-core processor, GeForce GTX260 graphics card
Who is your ISP and how fast is your internet connection? Orcon, 6-7 MBit/s download | 2-3 MBit/s upload
Do you disconnect often? Rarely. When it does happen, the problem is usually fixed with a simple game restart.
Do you use other services like Lowerping, WoWTunnels, etc? Yes, WoWTunnels. Considering switching to Lowerping as I’ve heard good things about it.


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[Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest Empty Re: [Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest

Post  Skitzone on Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:01 pm

Can you make all the raid times? (Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm AEST) Able to make all raid times apart from Wednesdays

Looks good, though we are currently looking for raiders to fill up our "core" raiding team .. reliable punctual raiders which can make 100% attendance a majority of the time. Can't settle for a raider missing the first raid night of ea week. Is this due to change anytime soon?

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[Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest Empty Re: [Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest

Post  Ream on Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:52 pm

I can have a look at it.

Will try and get back to you later today.


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[Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest Empty Re: [Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest

Post  Ream on Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:59 am

I can possibly be on at 7.30 server time (for the Wednesday) but it won't be until next week.

Edit: Trying to see if I can work something out so that I'd be able to make 'em all.


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[Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest Empty Re: [Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest

Post  ineedtofu on Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:05 pm

Accepted. PST an officer for a trial invite.

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[Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest Empty Re: [Accepted] Reampriest - Holy Priest

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