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Post  rumpus on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:44 am

Player Information
Character Name: Rumpus
Server: Barthilas
Current Guild: None
Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Barthilas&cn=Rumpus
Talent Spec: Arcane (Copied off the spec of a few Mages currently in the guild)
For this spec I currently use [Glyph of Arcane Blast], [Glyph of Arcane Missiles], and [Glyph of Molten Armor]. Minor glyphs i use Frostward and Fireward so when a boss casts a Fire or Frost based spell i put up the shield so i have a chance of regaining mana back. With my gems and enchants I mainly focus on trying to max my haste/spellpower. I also Professionalized in Jewel Crafting so i could increase my stats with Dragon's Eye gems.

Screenshot of UI (picture taken on target dummy, was in middle of raid group couldn't spend much time dps'ing, used 50% mana and only images): https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img696/9199/wowscrnshot082510223733.jpg

Player History
How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? About 6 Years, ever since it the original went on sale.
What raid experience do you have in WoW or any other MMO? I mainly stick to WoW, I am experienced up to 9/12 10man and 6/12 25man. But have read up on all the encounters for ICC.
Why did you leave your last guild or why are you leaving your current guild? I am currently not in a guild and my previous guild was "Brrooklyns Finest", I actually was removed from it because of relationship with guild leader.
What other raiding guilds have you been a part of? When I was alliance, I was actually apart of Gigantor for a year.

Personal Facts
Age: 16 , but not immature or an asshole Smile
Real name (First name only): Jonathan
Location (Country + TIME ZONE please): United States, West Coast.
Regular play time: I currently play whenever, no true set-time, I come on when I have things to do or if I am bored. In another week, U.S. school starts so my play time will be 10Am-4pm ST.
Can you make all the raid times (Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm AEST. Farm content means considerably less raid days): I will not be able to attend all raid times, but I can make Sunday raid time. If need be i can change schedule to come to a raid, but must be warned ahead of time.

Joining Proxy
Why do you want to join Proxy? It seems like a decent guild, and I have plenty of friends in it. I just want to experience the Lichking encounter, and be apart of a guild with a good reputation.
How did you hear about us? I always knew about Cross and Noctus but when i started looking i found that a few of my pvp friends joined your guild.
Are you friends with anyone in Proxy? Fuls and Kaldemic are the only people who i actually spend time with in game, but i know others in the guild.
Can this person vouch for you? I believe Fuls and Kaldemic both could vouch for me, they will be honest with their opinions and although may not be everything you want to hear, they are most likely true.

Technical Requirements
Do you have Ventrilo? yes Smile
Do you have a mic and can talk if needed? yeppers Smile
List computer specs (just RAM, CPU, GFX Card): Umm, im not a technical geek, but i can tell you that i spent 6k for my computer and got everything as new as they come.
Who is your ISP and how fast is your internet connection? Have high speed internet with power boost, and i use Comcast.
Do you disconnect often? Not unless i use my D/C macro Smile
Do you use other services like Lowerping, WoWTunnels, etc? Nope

Extra Info
Current PvP experience: 2350, with tabard and T2 weapon.
-I can follow direction great
-Not really here to farm PvE gear then leave, just want to have a fun time with a guild
-Work decently with others when need be
-Plus im a QT irl



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[Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec) Empty Re: [Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec)

Post  Mamajugz on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:28 am

Firstly you will need to log out in pve gear, secondly arcane is shit for raiding now.

Are you able to give a reason as to why you chose to go arcane?

Im just a casual but thought i would add my 2 cents. Very Happy

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[Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec) Empty Re: [Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec)

Post  Kald on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:29 am

sry champion were full up on mages atm.

If your going to apply for another guild I'd suggest maybe doing a pug or 2 and trying to get further than just 6/12 normal, plenty of pugs nowadays going 9/12 hm and the rest normal, also I think the best raiding spec is fire atm (not sure).

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[Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec) Empty Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec)

Post  rumpus on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:50 am

The reason for choosing Arcane spec was because when i chose it, it was the top spec. Nevertheless if im requested to change to fire i will do so. Not really here to be a core raider, prolly never even come to runs, just applied to join the guild.


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[Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec) Empty Re: [Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec)

Post  firao on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:57 am



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[Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec) Empty Re: [Declined]Rumpus - Mage (Arcane Spec)

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