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Post  Cabby on Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:13 am

Player Information
Character Name: Cabby
Server: Barthilas
Current Guild: Blue Label
Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/cabby/advanced
Talent Spec: 32/3/6
Explanation of your spec, glyphs, gems, reforging and enchants:
Spec: In my opinion you can't really mess moonkin talents up, you pretty much take everything then strip away what you don't want and juggle the optional ones. In my case..
  • Moonglow - 9% less mana used per spellcast
  • Typhoon - Having a knockback is handy
  • Owlkin Frenzy - I find it procs off auras and many spells bosses cast that don't actually affect the player in any way, so the 15% chance of +10% damage is welcome
  • Furor - Increases max mana by 15%
  • Heart of the Wild - Increases Intellect by 6%
  • Master Shapeshifter - +4% Spell Damage

I don't have slows / 1 minute interrupt cooldowns because I find I hardly ever use them, if you need it, i'll get it.
Second spec is resto, I haven't used it yet, was just to have a look.

  • Wrath - Interchangable with Starsurge, depends how many targets the fight has and if i'll be using Starfall more/less
  • Moonfire - +20% damage to moonfire ticks, standard
  • Insect Swarm - +30% Insect Swarm damage, standard

  • Starfall - 30 seconds off the cooldown
  • Rebirth - Combat resurrect brings target to life with 100% health
  • Innervate - Chances are soemone is going to want one, I get half the effect as a bonus

  • Mark of The Wild - Cheap buffs
  • Unburdened Rebirth - No reagents for combat res'. Saves gold and there's zero chance i'll forget/run out of the reagent.
  • Aquatic Form - swimming fast is fun, orp orp

Gems, Reforging and Enchants
Waiting on the new Int/+3% crit damage Meta to show up, 'till then I'm using the Int/+2% Max Mana one. Int's great, more mana is too.
All Sockets: +40 int, if the socket bonus is +20 int or better, gem Int/Haste.
I've broken the rules with my current gems as the socket bonuses sit me nicely at +17.06% hit (17% cap)
Gems are generally a fluid and easy to change thing so they'll change about as I update my gear

As for Reforging...reforge crit/mastery to spirit till the cap, then crit/mastery to haste on everything else.
Int' > Spirit/Hit > Haste > Mastery > Crit (or it will be that way if the PTR stays the way it is, otherwise mastery is total rubbish.)

Enchants.. fairly easy, lots of int, hit/spirit if you need it, then haste.

What makes you an exceptional player?
To sum it up, being bad annoys me, it makes me look bad, it makes me feel bad, it annoys everyone else, people stop liking you, your dog dies, the moon crashes into the earth and we all lose. Me being bad is bad for everyone else, so I try my best to not be bad.
I can make the occasional mistake if a bee flys into my eye and I need to go to the hospital, but otherwise I pay attention to whats going on and move my giant moonkin ass out of shiny things on the floor while doing my best to put out high DPS, while keeping an eye out for anything that needs a root/knockback/whatever.
Link to current UI screenshot:
Main skills are bound, things I don't use much are clicks.

Player History
How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
Started Jan' 06 I think.. was a terrible rogue on Durotan, messed about with some school friends and made fun of dwarves. Did a few pug ZA's and MC's, nothing fancy.
Had a Resto Druid on Nathrezim till near the end of BC
Made a new Druid and played PVP with Req' till Wrath came out, when we transfered to Barth'
What is your raid experience?
Classic - Pug ZA's and MC's
Burning Crusade - Kara and ZA, guild full of nice people I didn't want to leave, but they weren't very good, so I didn't get anywhere.
Wrath - Naxx 10/25 all +achieves, no immortal (Mages love void zones)
Sarth 10/25 3 drakes
Uld 10/25 all +Mount Achieves -0light yogg on 25 man +Algalon 10/25
ToGC 10/25 all +heroic
ICC 10 12/12
ICC 25 11/12 with over 6 months of rage at people not moving out of void zones.

Why did you leave your last guild or why are you leaving your current guild?
I don't know who most of the people are any more, anyone I liked playing with is mostly gone, theres a few left but everyone else is derp and loves to spout silly comments all day. I'm tired of having to babysit people.
What other raiding guilds have you been a part of?
Bacon (Many glorious adventures were had, none of them glorious), Blue Label.

Personal Facts
Age: 23
Real name: Nathan
Location: Auckland - New Zealand (GMT+12) (Server time +2 hours)
Regular play time: all day every day. of course this will change when I go back to uni, but raid times remain open and free~
Can you make all the raid times? Yes, yes I can.

Joining Proxy
Why do you want to join Proxy? Proxy gets things done. I want to get things done.
How did you hear about us? Watching you smash on wowprogress
Are you friends with anyone in Proxy? I know some names, never met anyone or had a chat though. I tell grawr to beat people up from time to time.
Can this person vouch for you? no
Why should we accept you into Proxy? I want to be the very best, like no one ever was. My attendance in previous guilds has been perfect. I don't like drama. I'll be your friend.

Technical Requirements
Do you have Ventrilo? yes
Do you have a mic and can talk if needed? yes
List computer specs: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black @ 3.4GHz, 4GB DDR3, Radeon HD5870 (5770 on the shelf as a backup) 120GB Intel SSD for OS and WoW
Who is your ISP and how fast is your internet connection? Orcon Max/Max plan, Local around 20mbit down 1mbit up, to the states ~9mbit down. ADSL2 cabinet literally right across the road from our house.
[Accepted] Cabby - Moonkin 1113716170

Do you disconnect often? nope
Do you use other services like Lowerping, WoWTunnels, etc? WoWTunnels gives me ~150ms, which is great, however it seems to throttle the connection and can't quite handle some fights on 25man, so I just go without for those, which sits me at ~300ms.

Other You sound like a great bunch of people and I'd love to play videogames with you.
WWS/WoL/WMO link of recent raids: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/gujwmvmvjh16p50n/


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Post  chivdoc on Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:29 pm

we'll have an answer shortly

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Post  Cabby on Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:45 pm

cheers for the reply.


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Post  Skitzone on Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:11 am

Going to give you a shot, Come find an officer ingame. Smile


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