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Post  dbt on Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:42 am

Player Information
Character Name: dbt
Server: Barthilas
Current Guild: Coma
Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/dbt/simple

Talent Spec:
Currently only gear piece that may look a bit weird is the pvp helm. Primary reason behind this is I wasn't happy with how engineering was performing so dropped it for blacksmithing and haven't had a chance to get a new helm yet.
Currently main specced 2h unholy as in my current gear level is about 1-1.5% ahead of DW frost (I am currently discounting DW unholy as with the latest DK changes for next patch this is likely to not be reliable).
I have specced out of desecration as I find it covers up to many raidwide aoes.
In relation to Glyphs most are pretty self explanatory.
Ghoul - does about 1/3 of my damage - More strength gives more damage
Death coil and Scourge Strike - Death coil and scourge strike do a significant part of my damage
Key minors AMS and path of frost - helps with giving a little bit of extra magic damage (for fights like chimaeron protects against 2 of the aoes). Path of frost reduces fall damage when jumping into the nefarian pit.
Stat / reforging - Have reforged to meet stat priorities. At the moment stat priorities are Strength, hit to cap, haste, expertise to cap, crit, mastery. Although am going to have to reavaluate now that mastery is going to be good. Also have to check if I can pull ahead with dw frost.
I am comfortable playing all dk specs including tanking (although I prefer to dps). As far as my second spec at the moment I have a DW frost spec which is set up for nefarian (includes free interrupts and slows as i was kiting the adds)
I will reevaluate my spec and gear once the next patch notes are finalised.
What makes you an exceptional player?
Experience - Whilst I wasn't around during vanilla and only raided casually during BC, I have raided all content through LK. I was around enough during BC to experience the need for cc.

Research and more research -
Raid bosses - Attempted the majority of bosses during Beta. Constantly am looking for little pieces of information which can give me an edge during boss fights.
Class - I have been playing on a dk pretty much since wrath launch (played a rogue during BC) and have an in depth knowledge of all specs and classes. I have raided as all 3 specs (including tanking as unholy and frost during wrath days). Whilst I prefer not to tank i do recognise that at times DKs have been particularly well-suited to (and in my previous guild was the only DK).
Other classes – I have levelled up a number of alts and have some casual raiding experience across other parts of the game healing, ranged dps and tanking. Current alts (all are still sitting at 80) Priest, Paladin, rogue, shaman, druid
Link to current UI screenshot: (This is very important, we want to see if you know how to make a raiding ui, if you click or if your screen is just cluttered. Your screenshot needs to be in combat, and healers need to be in a raid.)

Player History
How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? Been playing since late BC.
What is your raid experience?
Whilst I raided nax and ulduar, my guild did not attempt very many hard modes. Since toc have raided all content although we never downed Anub 25 Heroic and LK 25 heroic.
In cataclysm have downed 11/12 regular in 10 man and have been working on nefarian.
Why did you leave your last guild or why are you leaving your current guild?
Key reason – Raid times have become pretty unstructured. We have moved from a fixed 4 nights a week raiding with fixed times, to raiding 7 nights with no raid end times.
I also see a change of guild as an opportunity to get back into 25 man raids, open up some time to dedicate to pvp.

What other raiding guilds have you been a part of?
No guilds on Barthilas. Our guild moved from Nagrand to Barthilas to try and have access to a greater number of players. On Nagrand the guild name was Fear. Prior to fear I have been in a number of guilds. Normally I changed guilds because as I raided more I found a greater interest in attempting the hardest the game had to offer. Many of my previous guilds were not attempting hard modes or achievements once they were implemented. This was the primary reason for changing guilds.

Personal Facts
Real name:
Location: (Country + TIME ZONE please):
Sydney, Australia GMT +11
Regular play time:
Far to much. I am normally on most nights after work 6-midnight plus weekends.
Can you make all the raid times? (Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm AEST. Farm content means considerably less raid days)
Yes, I am currently available all days.
Joining Proxy
Why do you want to join Proxy?
When I made the decision to leave my current guild, I decided I wanted to look for a 25 man horde guild with progression similar to my current guild (11/12). My preference was for a guild which had downed LK 25 heroic. Finally I wanted to join a guild which had structured raid times which suited me.

Proxy was a guild which met all the things I wanted in a new guild.

How did you hear about us?

Are you friends with anyone in Proxy? (Knowing of a person or whispering them once does not mean they are your friend)

Can this person vouch for you?

Why should we accept you into Proxy? (We may not be recruiting you class/spec, but a good enough app can make us accept you. What makes you deserve a spot in our guild?)
Easy going.
Love to raid and maximise my numbers.
Always prepared for raiding (consumables, repaired, watched videos on boss fights)
Do not stand in the fire.
Happy to give input on strategies where required.
Enjoy achievements and am always happy to help others.

Technical Requirements
Do you have Ventrilo?
Do you have a mic and can talk if needed?
List computer specs: (just RAM, CPU, GFX Card)
Is about a 2 year old laptop. Nvidia GFX card. Will get exact specs when i get home.

Who is your ISP and how fast is your internet connection?
Optus, ADSL
Do you disconnect often?
Do you use other services like Lowerping, WoWTunnels, etc?
A list of our guild logs:

WWS/WoL/WMO link of recent raids: (If you can't access any of these, a screenshot of recount with your damage or healing breakdown (the pie graph) is sufficient.)

Feel free to add any information that will help you with your application..


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[Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight Empty Re: [Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight

Post  Spl on Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:24 am

nice app, like your ui (except for the standard omen texture ;p)

also, zin'rokh. haters gonna hate. will leave the rest to the resident dk's

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[Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight Empty Haha

Post  dbt on Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:10 am

Thanks for that. I'm glad I did archaeology now but during that time I wanted to kill myself. Just realised armoury now has me in 2pvp pieces as the strength bonus gave me an upgrade. Have now got enough points and will be getting 2 piece t11 when I get the chance to reforge. Apologies for any errors in this post writing it on my mobile


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[Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight Empty Re: [Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight

Post  ineedtofu on Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:42 am

I don't like you already because of your weapon.

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[Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight Empty Re: [Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight

Post  Ryxxi on Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:57 pm

Application looks good, though i coudnt get an idea of whats your pve gear is like because the armory is showing you in pvp gear. other than that i dont see anything wrong.I ll leave the rest to the officers.

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[Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight Empty Re: [Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight

Post  Fuls on Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:23 pm

Failed character audit :\

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[Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight Empty ...

Post  dbt on Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:48 pm

That's strange.

Was in pve gear last night when i logged out so have no idea what happened.

Armory seems updated now.

As far as character audit I think that was on my pvp gear. I have been using my extra gold to finish levelling blacksmithing.

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[Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight Empty Re: [Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight

Post  Skitzone on Fri Jan 14, 2011 4:34 am

Going to give you a shot. Come find an officer ingame



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[Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight Empty Re: [Accepted] Dbt - DPS Deathknight

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