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[Declined]Zaltrok - Unholy DK for Cata Empty [Declined]Zaltrok - Unholy DK for Cata

Post  Zaltrok on Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:00 pm

Player Information
Character Name: Zaltrok
Server: Barthilas, previously from Khaz'goroth
Current Guild: None
Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Barthilas&cn=Zaltrok
Talent Spec:0/17/54
Explanation of your spec, glyphs, gems and enchants: My spec is the standard spec while using a proc weapon, it specs into frost instead of blood sub-spec, as with my current gear lvl it gives more dps, due to the scaling of auto-attack damage. Str is the only viable stat to gem for as Unholy, though in yellow sockets I use Str and Haste as haste is also a very valuable stat and rewards some socket bonuses. The nightmare tear is used to activate my meta as it is saves me from gemming 2 blue gems. My current enchants are the only viable ones at the moment, especially the rune on my weapon. The feet enchant was recommended by my last guild and I was told to have it. The speed increase can help on fights such as H PP and H Sindy though movement in those fights never posed a problem for me.
What makes you an exceptional player?: I am an extremely keen player and research my class thoroughly along with all fights; so that when I come across the boss I am well prepared and have the skill to perform well.
Link to current UI screenshot: http://www.glowfoto.com/viewimage.php?img=09-003132L&rand=9932&t=jpg&m=10&y=2010&srv=img5
Please note bindings are hidden.

Player History
How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? I started playing WoW in about July 2008, so just over 2 years.
What is your raid experience? I only started raiding in WOTLK as I began playing late into BC and was less serious before WOTLK.
Naxx: Cleared 10/25
OS: 3D 10/25
EOE: 10/25
Ulduar: Full Clear (14/14) 10/25 and both drakes
TOC: 5/5
TOGC: 4/5 with Anub to 8%
ICC: 12/12 Normal 10/25, 11/12H 10/25 + 10 man drake and missing 1 achievement for 25 man drake (Portal Jockey)
RS: Cleared 10/25 and into last phase on 10m HM

Why did you leave your last guild or why are you leaving your current guild? I felt that the guild was declining and no progress was being made on H LK with the skill of applicants dropping. I also wanted to move off the realm (Khaz'goroth) as the standard of players was severely dropping and the server becoming pretty much dead.
What other raiding guilds have you been a part of?

Illumination - Khaz'goroth
Pandemic - Khaz'goroth
Specialist (became Pandemic) - Khaz'goroth

Personal Facts
Real name (First name only): Daniel
Location (Country + TIME ZONE please): Australia, GMT+10
Regular play time: 5pm til late
Can you make all the raid times (Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm AEST. Farm content means considerably less raid days):

Joining Proxy

Why do you want to join Proxy? I am looking to join a guild of excellent players, raid at the top and successfully clear high end content. Proxy seems like an ideal guild for me and will suit me perfectly.
How did you hear about us? Realm forums and seeing members in Dalaran.
Are you friends with anyone in Proxy? Recently knew to realm, so not yet, hopefully in time Very Happy
Why should we accept you into Proxy? I believe myself to be an excellent player, I don't make those simple mistakes, research the raid well and my class so that I can consistently perform well and be a top a player. On the social scene I am friendly, wont stir up some crap and be someone that you can just chat too if your bored.

Technical Requirements
Do you have Ventrilo? Yes
Do you have a mic and can talk if needed? Absolutely
List computer specs (just RAM, CPU, GFX Card): 3gb ram, e7400 2.8ghz Dual core, 9400GT, I don;t experience any GFX lag and my PC performs well.
Who is your ISP and how fast is your internet connection? Internode, have no trouble with them. Currently on the fastest available ADSL til ADSL2 is available in my area.
Do you disconnect often? Nope, extremely rarely.
Do you use other services like Lowerping, WoWTunnels, etc? I use Internode's private tunnel. Previously used RTL, though Internode's is just as good and free for me.

WWS/WoL/WMO link of recent raids:


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[Declined]Zaltrok - Unholy DK for Cata Empty Re: [Declined]Zaltrok - Unholy DK for Cata

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