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** PLEASE READ ** Guild Policies Empty ** PLEASE READ ** Guild Policies

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1. Guild Information
i. Location
Proxy is a Horde World of Warcraft raiding guild that is located on the realm Barthilas. (Oceanic PvP server) The majority of all raiders are based in Australia and New Zealand but raiders from other time zones and countries are encouraged to apply if they are able to commit to the raid times and schedule.
ii. Raid Schedule / Times
As of current, Proxy raids the following days/times:

  • Wednesday: 6:30PM – 10:30PM
  • Thursday: 6:30PM – 10:30PM
  • Sunday: 6:30PM – 10:30PM
  • Monday: 6:30PM – 10:30PM

All times here are listed in AEST. This is also the local time of the server.

iii. Guild Goals
Proxy’s goal is to progress and excel through all high-end PvE content. We are aiming to always maintain steady progression to complete the most current content as soon as possible. Proxy is one of the realms high-end guilds and intends to stay at this level.

iv. Guild History
- Proxy was formed in August of 2010 when the guilds and merged
- Both guilds which merged to form Proxy were very strong guilds. Noctis Erus grabbing Grand Crusader after transferring to Barthilas from Aman’thul Alliance in September 2009. Cross maintaining very strong progression for Horde side of Barthilas throughout WotLK.
- The name Proxy came from some nerds playing too much SC2
- The guild came together very quickly and experienced very strong progression in the first month (LK25 HM and RS25 HM) of being up and running after both merging guilds being plagued of bad attendance and lack of progression raiding nights.
- Proxy now stands as Barthilas’ top Horde raiding guild and will continue to maintain that

2. Guild Ranks
Proxy’s guild ranks are as follows:

GM – The GM is Skitzone. Decisions that concern the guild all be made by the GM. The GM is able to overrule any decisions that officers make during raid, on the forums, concerning applications and any other decisions. All trials, members, raiders and elites are able to express any concerns or issues in relation to anything to do with the guild to the GM in confidence.

Officer – As an officer, it is expected and required that you are able to step up and organise the raid if needed and also be able to give intelligent and useful input to any decision making involving the guild. Officers are respected leaders and role models to the guild, it is important to keep high attendance and also be able to help trials, raiders and elites when possible. Officers can also act as a channel to the GM.

Elite – These are raiders who have been with the guild for a very long period of time and have earned their spot in the guild and raid through dedication and loyalty to the guild. This rank will almost always give you a spot in a raid. However, this may not always be the case due to fight requirements, raid make-up and personal performance.

Raider – You have impressed us enough to be added into our core line-up. We are happy with your current performance. Guild repairs have been added. Raiders also have some priority when raid slotting is done. Once again, this may not always be the case.

Member – Members are given this rank after passing trial. They have earned their spot in the guild as a respected raider. This means that they will now be able to bid on loot and win loot. After obtaining this rank, members should not begin to slack off thinking that they are now safe; maintaining good attendance and raid performance is vital.

Trial – These are the new members of the guild that have been accepted for trial. You are pretty much considered expendable and scum. You will be working to earn your spot to raid with us. We expect 100% attendance if possible. Be prepared.

Alt – An alt of a raiding member

Casual – A friend of a raider. There is a limit of one (1) casual per raiding member (raider or higher). Not everyone will be invited as casual; each person will be reviewed before being invited. Misconduct by any casual will result in removal.

** Note **
All these ranks act somewhat as guidelines, to an extent. As mentioned above, all ranks a susceptible to demotion or at least a subbing out of the raid if found necessary at the time.

3. Guild Member Responsibilities
i. Attendance
Proxy requires all members that are raiding to try and maintain at least 85% attendance with 100% attendance being the preferred attendance rate. We understand that there are commitments that may interfere from time to time. All Proxy members are required to POST WHEN THEY ARE UNABLE TO MAKE THE RAID / BE LATE TO THE RAID / BE AWAY FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. If you are not able to post, contacting an officer or GM if possible is acceptable.

ii. Performance
Along with high attendance, members of Proxy must also maintain a high level of performance in raids. All members should be performing at their max or near their max when raiding with Proxy. Failure will not be tolerated and if your performance drops, you will be subbed out.

iii. Preparation
  • Consumables – It is expected that all members use the appropriate consumables (flasks, elixirs, food, potions) and attempt to min/max in progression content. This means if using elixirs will give you more benefit, please use them. Being unprepared may lead to you losing your raid spot.
  • Enchants/Gemming – Gemming appropriately for your level of gear and also to maximize the performance and output from your class is imperative. All members should be gemming appropriately and will be asked to re-gem their gear if their gemming is seen unfit.
  • Reading Strategies – Knowing the fight and what will happen gives you and the guild a big advantage and puts us one step closer to maintaining top progression and seeing fast kills. Members are required to read strategies and also try and give some input to raiding strategies. We will be able to find out who has not read strategies and who hasn’t and as mentioned, you will be subbed out as part of lack of performance and preparation.

iv. Other
While you are wearing the guild tag Proxy, all members, regardless of rank will abide by the following:
  • Portray the guild appropriately by acting mature and responsibly in public runs. This means no racism, harassment or whatever towards the other participants in these runs. This also means abiding to the rules set by the leader of the run if you are not the leader.
  • No ninjas. If you ninja you will immediately be demoted or removed from the guild, depending on the item you ninja’d, what run it was in and the manner in which you did it (eg. Did not mention an item was reserved and took it or worked with other people to take items)
  • Respect all other members of the guild. If they are acting up or you have genuine concerns about their performance or spot in the raid, please notify the GM or an officer about your concerns and it will be brought up amongst us and a decision can hopefully be made to please all parties.
  • Drama should be avoided at all costs. Things run a lot smoother this way.

4. Recruitment
Once you have been accepted for trial to the guild and are invited. You will raid with Proxy for a period of time and in this period, it is expected you give your best performance and maintain high attendance. The trial period usually lasts two (2) weeks, but may extend out to four (4) weeks or longer. A final decision will be made once we are able to gauge how good you are as a player. Remember; a first impression is the one that sticks with us.

The recruitment process is as follows:
  • Accepted and invited to the guild for trial
  • Trial period
  • Officers and GM will discuss your performance after reviewing your performance on WoL after each raid
  • An appropriate demotion or promotion will be made
  • In the result of a demotion, you will be asked to leave the guild. We may keep you on as a casual if we like you.

5. DKP + Loot
All loot will be handled through an officer who is doing loot for the current raid.
DKP will be handled by that officer and is done through a mod.
To check your DKP, you MUST be logged into your forum account which will then unlock the link on the menu.
You can also whisper the Master looter "!dkp" to check your current DKP ingame.

i. Bidding on items
To bid on an item for main-spec: whisper the Master Looter "!main <#>" where <#> is a number. eg. !main 25 would mean you are bidding 25 for a main-spec item. Main spec items take precedence over off-spec items.
To bid on an item for off-spec: whisper the Master Looter "!off <#>" where <#> is a number. eg. !off 0 would mean you are bidding 0 for an off-spec item.

ii. Item values
At this time through ICC content there are two minimum bids in place.
- All OS Gear has a minimum bid of 0
- 359 Gear has a minimum bid of 25
- 372 Gear has a minimum bid of 50

iii. Earning DKP


  DKP    |                            Reason / Description

+5 DKP    | On time DKP: You are in the raid group before 6:30 ST
+2 DKP    | Per hour spent: You will and should get 3 a night depending on how much content we have to clear.
+2 DKP    | Per boss kill: Any boss currently on farm status.
+5 DKP    | First down boss kill: This can change pending the amount of effort put into the boss.

-10 DKP      | Mistake: You're shit, you fucked up, caused a wipe, did something stupid.
-10% DKP    | Decay: Will happen at the end of every week.
-50% DKP    | No Show: Late?!?
-100% DKP    | Casual: Absent?!?

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